Vinicius Brazil

Vinicius Brazil, a native of Rio de Janeiro. Begins to play guitar at age of 11, when he started classical guitar studies with a private tutor.
He knows Fernando Carvalho in the high school in 1966, starting to play together since them.
In 1974, Vinicius Brazil knows Alberto Curi and Jorge Wilman by Fernando Carvalho thus resulting in the Magenta, with repertoire and a mix of Black Sabbath with Doobie Brothers.
In the period that goes from 1974 to the 1999, was released of the first Aether album called "Visions". The band undergoes some changes and acquires its progressive identity.
Vinicius Brazil, an electronics engineer, an expert in audio at this time had already edited / mixed / mastered several CDs and advertisements, in his private studio, which enabled the realization of the dream: The first CD.






Allan Holdsworth, Andrew Latimer, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, John McLaughlin entre outros

Favorite bands:
(Alphabetical order)

Allan Holdsworth, Camel, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Genesis, Gentle Giant, Jimi Hendrix, Kansas, PFM, Pink Floyd, Rick Wakeman, UK e etc


Custom Guitar

Guitar custom active, made by Vinicius Brazil itself, with integrated Fuzz, DiMarzio pickups, arm Warmuth Regal and Kahler lever.

Line6 POD HD500X