Fernando Carvalho

Fernando Carvalho, a native of Rio de Janeiro. With 12-years-old he won a acoustic guitar as a birthday gift. Because of that, he bought a method for learning in a newsstand and began to learn the positions and studies of scales, making music, but always with the instrument upside down. After know Vinicius Brazil in 1966, in the high school, found that playing the instrument in the wrong way, but then it was too late, as the general concepts of solo were already consolidated in his mind (allied with the fact of being left-handed).

In 1974, already in the university he met the drummer Wilman Jorge, who invited to play bass in Curi's band. Curi later was introduced to Vinicius Brazil and thus the band Magenta emerged, with own repertoire and a mix of Black Sabbath with Doobie Brothers.

With the leaving of Wilman in 1977, Fernando decided to buy a drum kit and began learning the instrument (but this time with the setback in the right side).

Now with Fernando drumming, another friend joined the band, the bassist Carlos Cesar. With these changes, the band also changed its name to Rockambole, with initial influence of country rock. After awhile, with a bit of progressive influences another changing in the band's name, at this time to Albatroz.

In 1983 Fernando left the band, but kept contact with Vinicius. In a Deep Purple concert in 1997, in Rio de Janeiro, there was the reunion without Carlos and they decided to record the remaining songs of Albatroz, "just for a memento."

During the recording phase, Vinicius introduced part of the edited material to Elisa Wiermann from Quaterna Requiem, who encouraged a lot to keep working. And so, still in 1998 emerged the songs Whales, the Altenburg Suite, the Essence of Freedom in 1999 and the album "Visions".





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Carlos Cesar (Albatroz), Greg Lake (ELP), John Entwistle (The Who), John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Paul Newton (Uriah Heep), Richard Sinclair (Camel) e Simon Kirke (BadCo)

Favorite Bands:
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Bad Company, Camel, Deep Purple, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Focus, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf, The Who, Triunvirat, Uriah Heep e Yes